Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pet Food Recall

The recent recall of certain dog and cat foods - see for a list of all foods involved in the recall - is a perfect opportunity to rethink what you are feeding your companions. Commercial dog and cat foods, while maintaining that they provide balanced and complete nutrition, in truth can be made with substandard ingredients that you would not catch yourself putting close to your own mouth. It is important to select wholsome protein sources to feed a pet and this is usually best achieved by preparing your pet's food. The pet food industry will have us believe that eating one processed food for their entire life a pet can remain healthy and happy. I dare any one of us to eat a bowl of processed cereal for the rest of our lives and maintain optimal health. It is simple to prepare a home cooked meal for your pet with some oatmeal or millet, grated or chopped vegtables (a bag of mixed veggies can work) and some canned fish such as mackerel, salmon or sardines. If the fish is off-putting try hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese. Add a multivitamin to the meal and you have a wholsome offering for your pet in minutes! At the very least, a switch to higher quality food such as Natura food products that can offer your pet a healthier alternative to inexpensive commercial brands. One of our favorite kibbles for dogs and cats is Innova EVO. There are no filler grains in this high quality, high protein food and our pets love it. Creekside Critter Care provides free delivery of Natura products and other high quality pet foods in our client service area.

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