Sunday, January 21, 2007


1. Communication My dog noses a box Tossed in the corner weeks ago. I find stale dog cookies in a baggie among old bills, cords and receipts. I give him one. Not statisfied, He sits by the box and stares at me. I sometimes miss his signals. Like the time he bopped me in the ass with his nose; The gate was open. I eventually figured out what he was saying, but Emma had escaped by then, Or when my girlfriend was frantically packing to leave for good She searched everywhere, unsuccessfully, for Emma's collar. He watched her rummaging under the sink form the couch - ears back, Then sat by her side and stared at her. She patted his head - poor dog doesn't know what's going on. Now he has that same wide-eyed look. I go sit on the floor by the box. As I empty it, I find Emma's collar. He looks at me as if he is going to cry, climbs into my lap, buries his nose in my armpit. I guess we haven't really discussed it. - Joe Elcock

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Bleimydaus javanensis said...

Love the poem! Keep 'um coming!