Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Des Moines Pet Festival Aug 26, 2007

The Des Moines Pet Festival August 26, 2007 Creekside Critter Care participated in the Des Moines Pet Festival last Saturday along with other local businesses and vendors. Maryellen Elcock and Linda Hermanson greeted visitors at the Creekside booth which was located next to Cindy Hickman from Aqua Dog Spa in Kent. We had a ringside seat for the Agility demonstrations which included a long time Creekside Daycare client, Archie! If not for the proximity of our booth to the agility ring, Archie would have had a near perfect run. As it turned out Archie was quite sure that some of his daycare friends were watching and made a stop on top of the agility obstacles to look over to the Creekside booth. This is Team Archie’s rookie year and they no doubt have a long and successful agility career in their future. Pictured below are Gary and Archie (“Team Archie”) as they prepare for the demonstration.
Also in attendance at the Pet Festival were Murphy, the “Retriever-Bichon” and Carla . Murphy is quite sure he could have run the agility course with a perfect score with absolutely no training !

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